How do I renew a domain name?

In order to renew your domain name purchased from Selectweb Hosting you can follow the instructions below:

If you have received an e-mail from ourselves or Nominet that your domain is due for renewal in XX days you should check if you would like to renew those domains to ensure continuation of services. You most likely have 'Auto renewal' enabled and in which case you will shortly receive an Invoice / Payment confirmation with your renewal around 30 days before the domain expires.
To check if your domain has 'auto renewal' enabled, please follow the following information:
1) Login to your billing account
2) Click 'Domains' on the top menu
3) Click 'My Domains' on the dropdown menu
4) Check that each of the domains you wish to stay renewed have 'auto renewal'
5) Confirm any Invoices and payments have been made.

To manually renew a domain:
1) Login to your billing account 
2) Click Domains on the top menu
3) Click 'Renew Domains' from the dropdown menu
4) Select or confirm the domains you wish to renew and check their expiry date
5) Click 'order' to continue to renew domains that are available for renewal
6) Confirm the checkout and process payment to complete your order for the renewal
NOTE: It is very important that you ensure any contact information is kept up to date so we can notify you if a domain is due for renewal.
If you have any further questions or need assistance with your domain please contact our support desk at and we will respond as soon as possible. 
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