How do I transfer a domain name to you?

It's easy to transfer your domain to us and if you need help, please contact our support team so we can assist. Transfers are FREE for .uk domains, and for all other TLD's there is a fee for 1 additional year of domain renewal (which will be added to your expiry date).

To transfer your domain name, you will need to do one of the following:

(for .uk domains) Request Domain Tag (IPS) change to SELECTWEB

(for all other types of domains) Obtain an Authorisation Code  (EPP) from your existing provider and request a Registrar Unlock


If you have a .uk domain you wish to transfer you will need to change the IPS tag to: SELECTWEB this can usually be done within the provider control panel. 

If you have any other type of domain, you'll need to unlock your domain and request an EPP code. This can usually be done within the provider control panel. 

If you need assistance with a transfer, we recommend contacting both your existing provider and our support team to ensure the migration is smooth and painless. 



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